Spring Breakers – sex,drugs & pop culture

Tuesday 12th March 2013 | Serena


Bikini and pretty facese, that's enough to describes the four amazing protagonist of the latest film that exposes the weakness of America made of drugs,sex and guns bought at the supermarket. After the controversial movie Thirteen, Spring Breakers, in theatres on April the 5th, is going to be one of that movie people talks about.

The plot is easy, with a twist of disturbing sides and quite a few references that make you think it's all true : four friends decide to funds their spring break by robbing a fast-food. Simple isn't it? Why do not come to mind to everyone to decide to do a robbery in order to get high in Florida with hordes of college kids on vacation?The wild students will find themselves obviously in a crazy and bigger than them situation , including arrest in bikini for possession of drugs and "adoption" by a white man who poses as a black gangster, what in U.S. calls "white trash".

The casting was very well done :there are the two brunettes angels Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens ( bleached blonde for the part ) who are ready to leave behind the Disney's movies, Ashley Benson directly from the hit tv series Pretty Little Liars of ABC (famous family channel) and Rachel Korina, fairly anonymous but director's wife, the only one who cames from the indies productions and not from the pop culture as hers co-stars. Last but not least , an amazing talented James Franco, almost unrecognizable with afro cornrows and gold theets plays the part of the gangster that will take the spring-breakers under his protective wing.

As I said, the casting has been carefully calculated, nothing better than some good clean faces from channels for families to interpret the four girls that for a week of vacation abandon the role of the good students and simply go wild. Drugs are everywhere, such as alcohol, sex and weapons.

The film, soon to be a cult, is directed and scripted by Harmony Korine, indie director fan of the “young realities” genre (see Gummo and Kids) but at his first 'mainstream' debut. He is one of those directors greatly appreciated by his colleagues, as well as all the actors who are thrilled to have been able to work with him,highlighting the positive feeling of freedom and the possibilities of improvisation that Korine leaves to the cast of his movies.

Pop colors blind during the whole movie along with the music at full blast, a key part in the story telling. A film that intrigues and which has already been launched at first level film festivals such as Cannes and Venice, as well as to our Glasgow Film Festival.

Waiting for April, check out the trailer!




By Serena Concato