Sandra Bullock's MANY leading men

Other | Sunday 17th November 2013 | Toni

With the release of her latest film “Gravity” with the handsome George Clooney hitting cinemas on November 8th, Sandra Bullock remains one of Hollywood’s darlings. Since first gaining worldwide attention in 1994 through the blockbuster action-thriller “Speed”; Bullock has gone from strength to strength culminating in the big three: a Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Actress in “The Blind Side” in 2010.

Awards aside, Bullock is also known for undoubtable chemistry with her various leading men, much to the jealousy of women the world over.

So, in honour of her latest release, we take a look back at some of Bullock’s most memorable (or maybe not so) on-screen romances. But, you can decide your favourites…or just your favourite leading man if you prefer!



In what is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most popular on-screen couplings in Hollywood history, we first met Jack Traven and Annie Porter as they teamed up to keep their bus from blowing up on the streets of LA. Their sexual tension in such close quarters, with a witty banter and flirtation all culminating in the film’s conclusion;  highlights why this film was not only a massive hit in cinemas but has a place in everyone’s DVD collection. It was therefore only fitting that they re-teamed more than a decade later for another round in “The Lake House.”   


This time around, in a more rom-com storyline, Bullock and Reeves as Kate and Alex, find love through the exchange of letters…the only problem is they live two years apart-in the same lake house. The response to this film was mixed due to the fantasy element; but overall, once you love this couple it ultimately doesn’t matter what is happening (or what time it is happening). These two could make a hundred more films together as they will always guarantee bottoms in seats.



Although this film has lived mostly under the radar, it is one of those feel good American country style rom-coms that always goes down a treat on a Friday night. Bullock as Birdie Calvert returns home to Smithville, Texas after her husband leaves her for her best friend and re-connects with Connick Jr who plays Justin, a high school friend. The pairing of Connick Jr and Bullock, has had the audience on both sides of the fence about their believability together; however, this is a film that has more drama in it than one would expect and many touching moments throughout. Connick Jr being more well-known for his music career does a nice job in this role having just enough chemistry and country charm with Bullock to make a realistic and touching partnership.         



This was the film which really put Bratt on the radar map for many women. With Bullock and Bratt as FBI agents Gracie Hart and Eric Matthews, who are trying to uncover a bomb plot against the Miss United States Pageant, the chemistry between these two made this film a real success. The fact that Bratt didn’t turn up for the sequel however, ensured it fell flat on its face. Although the Eliza Doolittle make over for Bullock gave her a wonderful rapport with Michael Caine, it was her face time with Bratt that truly made this film more than just your typical comedy.



This film generated a lot of interest through the status of its leads which led to a successful box office run. The premise: Lucy Kelton, a top attorney for the self-centred George Wade has had enough of making every decision for him so she quits and must train and hire her replacement that may not be the most trustworthy of candidates. A predictable storyline and a lack of any real spark between these two made this film another standard rom-com with the majority of audiences left disappointed with this match up. This was not Bullock’s best pairing but it surely wasn’t her worst-see 2009’s “All about Steve” that not even Bradley Cooper could save! You win some, you lose some…              



The premise of this film is funny enough: Margaret needs a visa to stay in America and Andrew, her assistant is her best bet. Add in the comedic natures of Reynolds and Bullock and put them together and you have rom-com gold. There are many hilarious moments in this film, with the standout surely being the naked run in between the two that had audiences laughing and talking for days. Moments like this ensured why this film became the highest grossing rom-com in 2009. We need to get this couple back together for another go immediately!

 Let’s hope Clooney fares well on this one.