Your survival guide to life.
Guestlist are a home grown enterprise with roots in music. We are all about fun, positivity and the good things in life. As well as covering the music genres that matter to us, with interviews, gig and event listings, we also include news, festivals, fashion, film, travel and technology.
We started as a wayward child well into music, now we’re an adolescent trouble maker with an eye on what is real in the world.
We are a network of passionate individuals dedicated to spreading positive vibes, making people happy and enabling you to do the things you love. We work hard to do this for you because no-one can do it like we do it. Karma runs our world and we believe in kicking out good vibes.
We Party, we party... HARD!
Some of us have been partying since Voodoo Ray and the House that Jack built. We did the Raindance Indian Summer Tour and probably saw you or your parents at Fantazia Donnington. We love house from Ibiza to London, Thailand to Miami, Belgium to India.
We know our music. We love RNB/HIPHOP/BASHMENT/REGGAE we have toured US rappers in Europe and taken UK rappers to the US. We’ve run club nights, concerts, ticket offices in the West End and have been giving people crazy nights out since 19 long time,
We roll with rock stars. We are rock stars. Our fans are rock stars. Be a rock star.
We love DRUM & BASS/JUNGLE/BREAKS!We’ve been partying hard at the original Orange Club, Vision On, Labyrinth through to AWOL, Metalheadz, Swerve and right the way back. We have interviewed the legends just check out the channel..
The Mission
We’re exploring new forms of action. We’re using this publication as a tool to build a community of people who will get together to have fun, but also to work towards solving the following issues.
Racial equality
We say no to the powerful institutions that promote racism universities, the criminal justice system, business and the media.
Sexual equality
We believe your gender should not have an impact on your opportunities or pay. That women should hold the rights over their own bodies.
Everyone has a right to live their life, for themselves without obtrusion
Environment responsibility
We must all get together and protect what is not ours to ruin
The world is great because of who makes it up. We believe you can never truly be yourself until you are tolerant of others being their true selves
Anti mindless consumerism
We see how the media working with business to get people to buy things they don’t need at a cost to humans and the world as a whole and we don’t want to be part of the problem.
Anti money driven wars
Whoever you vote for it seems wars are going to be waged. We think money spent on arms could better serve humanity. People need peace.
Anti mass media indoctrination
The media has a lot to answer for. Our media sources are often propaganda owned by a few people serving the benefits of a few people. We’re striving for a balanced media that doesn’t promote negative stereotypes or divide people.