Illinois to Make Weed Legal

Other | Tuesday 4th April 2017 | Christian

A bill is being introduced in Illinois, USA to make cannabis legal.

If the law passes, it would make Illinois the first state in the Midwest of America to do so, following eight other states in the USA where weed is currently legal.

When a state makes the sale of cannabis legal, they’re also able to tax it and bring in revenue to the government. The two Democrats who introduced the bill in Illinos’s state legislature claim that the sale of cannabis in the state could make $700m a year.

These extraordinarily large sums of money are no exaggeration, as proved by the tremendous sales of cannabis elsewhere in the country. The potential market is already massive, about 68 million Americans can now buy cannabis legally in their home state.

The sales projections for this year suggest that $6.5 billion will be made from the sale of cannabis in these states. Other sources reckon that as more states make it legal, the American cannbis industry could be bringing in $35 billion by 2021.

The legalisation of cannabis is also excellent at creating new jobs – 100,000 people currently work for cannabis-related companies.

A lot of progress has been made since Colorado became the first state to legalise cannabis three years ago. With the whole of Canada also in the process of making weed legal, Britain will be able to see more positive examples of the legalisation of weed, and hopefully one day will follow in their footsteps.