'Spice' -The Drug Making Cannabis Look Bad

Other | Wednesday 15th March 2017 | Kat

Spice is one of the many synthetic drugs being used by thousands of people in the UK. It gives people hallucinations, anxiety and vomiting. It has been made illegal, but manufacturers are constantly changing the chemical compounds to avoid the law.

The drug is a mix of herbs and potentially dangerous chemicals, which are usually rolled in with tobacco or on their own. Spice and other legal highs were made illegal in May of 2016, but they are still being sold illegally in head shops and online.

It is often compared to mariujuana and nicknamed 'fake cannabis' because some of the chemicals in it are also found in marijuana.

But the effects of spice have been reported to compare more to Ecstasy and LSD. It is around 100 times stronger than weed itself, and makes users have seizures and vomit.

Chemicals tend to be sprayed onto the herbs and plant materials to make them look like marijuana. The withdrawal effects of Spice are also a lot worse than heroine and crack cocaine, and Spice has also been linked to a number of deaths.

Spice has only been around for a few years, and it is not known what the long term effects of the drug are or how it affects the brain. Spice packets often have a label on them saying 'Not for Human Consumption', and they are branded as incense or plant fertiliser.

This is so that they can be sold and make people believe that they are harmless.

This means that people do not know what they are smoking or putting in to their body.

Spice is cheaper than drugs such as marijuana and heroine, and  easier to get hold of. It also doesn't have a potent smell so users are able to smoke it on the streets without getting into trouble. It is popular with the homeless and very easily addictive.

This is a drug that you certainly do not want to be getting your hands on.