Tragedy at BPM Festival's closing party

House | Wednesday 18th January 2017 | Arren

At the closing party of Mexico's BPM Festival, a gunman opened fire killing five and injuring a further fifteen.

The incident occurred at the Blue Parrot venue in Playa Del Carmen where Sidney Charles was on. BPM Festival released a statement explaining "The violence began on 12th street in front of the club and three members of the BPM security team were among those whose lives were lost while trying to protect patrons inside".

Following the incident Playa Del Carmen's mayor, Cristina Torres Gómez cancelled all upcoming dance music festivals including the Arena Festival. Speaking at a press conference she made it clear that these kind of events are no longer welcome in the region, and that this will be the last BPM there.

"We want these types of events to go ... We won't allow one more" she said. Her tough stance comes as a speculation grew of the violence being related to conflicts between  organisers and Mexico's drug cartels.

The morning following the shooting, blankets bearing spay painted messages appeared in the city calling out a Canadian co-founder of the event. It read: "This is a sign that we are already here because you didn't align...BPM, it is the beginning we are going to cut the heads of Golfos, PELONES and chapulines, Atte el FAYO from the old SCHOOL". It's believed that Fayo Z is the nickname of leader of the Zetas cartel.

The Zetas cartel are considered by the US as one of Mexico's most dangerous and advanced cartels. They are one of two cartels known to operate in the region of Quintana Roo.

Many DJs including Jackmaster, Dubfire and Loco Dice took to Twitter to pay their respects. Big love to the BPM Festival <3