Secret Garden Party wins award for it's drug testing intuitive

Indie | Wednesday 2nd November 2016 | Arren

Secret Garden Party & The Loop have been awarded for their innovative drug testing scheme.

This summer Cambridgeshire's biggest festival, Secret Garden Party became the first ever UK festival to offer it's attendees a chance to test their drugs. An intuitive between the festival and the group sexual health and drug group, The Loop offered free drug testing on site giving punters a chance to test their drugs without the fear of being prosecuted.

It was the first time that a scheme like this was allowed to happen in public and has been a huge success. Given the current climate surrounding drugs in the UK it's been hailed a victory in progressive drug policy and it's hoped other authorities across the UK will take note.

They were awarded with the 'Best Act of Independence' award at the Festival Congress conference in Cardiff this November.

Next summer the scheme will be rolled out across ten different festivals, it may be a small step but at least this time it's in the right direction.