Canada unveils plans to make weed legal for anyone 18 & older!

Other | Monday 29th May 2017 | Annalisa

Canada has begun to test implementing a legal minimum age for weed. If all goes to plan, this move will make the country the second to legalise the drug nationwide and a lot higher on our list of places to move to!

Currently, weed is illegal in Canada but a new law, called the 'Cannabis Act', would make the drug legal for everyone 18 and over.

The decision to move forward with the proposed bill will likely be influenced by the results of a current task force researching the drug. It sounds fairly positive so far. When announcing the bill, the task force said: “Possession of small amounts of cannabis would no longer be a criminal offence and would prevent profits from going into the pockets of criminal organisations and street gangs.”

If this decision comes through and another developed country legalises weed, we’re one step closer to the UK making the jump.