Reggae band Raging Fyah now have their own strain of weed

Reggae | Monday 24th July 2017 | Rose

Jamaica is commonly associated around the world with two things; reggae music and cannabis.

The consumption and cultivation of weed in Jamaica has become a million dollar industry. Jamaican reggae band Raging Fyah are capitalising on this, by releasing their own strain, called Everlasting Kush.

The name comes from their Grammy-nominated album Everlasting and the venture makes them the next Jamaican band to actually invest in the cannabis industry after the Marleys.

Elite Organics store in Fort Collins, Colorado

Despite smoking being a key part of Jamaican culture, weed is not yet legalised in the country. Therefore, the strain will be available in Colorado.

The deal for the strain was signed with Elite Organics, a Colorado-based company, who, as the name suggests are truly organic. Their weed plants grow not only chemical free but also with a process which involves techniques such as hand trimming, for a true organic experience. Raging Fyah have clearly chosen a good company to do a deal with here, and if weed is legalised in Jamaica, the strain could become avaliable there too.

Yay, the rest steams ahead with the future of weed whilst in the UK it remains illegal.