Desert Mountain Tribe's new LP is the perfect mix of alternative rock & old school Brit pop

Indie | Wednesday 30th May 2018 | Grace

After a successful start with their debut album Either That Or The Moon receiving nothing but great reviews back in 2016, Desert Mountain Tribe have returned just as strong with their new album Om Parvat Mystery.

Their new album starts with a punch in the form of the song 'It’s All Good', and although following on from their last album with the same Brit-pop undertones and alternative rock overtones, Om Parvat Mystery comes out with an overall heavier vibe than previously. Especially when compared to what is probably their most famous track from the last album, 'Interstellar', a song which was not only edited down from a spectacular nine minutes of transporting guitar riffs but also received best music video from several magazines.

Om Parvat Mystery continues to deliver great song after great song with each track having a subtle but strong change from one another and it feels easy to compare Desert Mountain Tribe to bands such as Nine Black Alps or The Stone Roses, but with their own original twist. As the album comes to a close, the music starts to mellow out a bit more and the track 'Himalaya' feat. Najma Akhtar even takes clear influence from world music, producing a unique and enticing track that will leave you realising that these guys really know what they are doing.

The album is out now and Desert Mountain Tribe are currently touring the UK, find out more here.