5 Richest Movie Criminals

Other | Friday 15th January 2016 | Tom

In the real world criminals generally get caught before they accumulate vast fortunes, but in the movie world the long arm of the law is sometimes a little shorter.

These are the 5 richest movie characters who've made their money from illegal acts.

5) Marsellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) - $60 million

Marsellus Wallace is the one L.A crime lord that is not a bitch, he orders his suave gangsters to kill with impunity and personally threw a man off a balcony for giving his wife a foot rub.

Using his strip club in Inglewood as a front for his criminal empire, Wallace makes his money through various enterprises, including the dealing of drugs, fixing boxing matches and it is implied that he even sold his own soul for profit.  

4) Alejandro Sosa (Scarface) - $600 million

The most successful cocaine dealer in Bolivia, Alejandro Sosa directly influences the politics of his own country. Sosa is the man who sends an army of hitmen to Miami to takedown Tony Montana when he starts acting too recklessly and outlasts everyone else in the brutal movie.

3) Mr Burns (The Simpsons) - $1.3 billion

O.K, so Mr Burns has a legitimate business in the Nuclear Power Plant, but he would surely be in prison if the Springfield Police Force weren’t so inept. There are not many crimes Mr Burns hasn’t committed to increase his wealth, whether it’s bribing government officials or attempting to block out the sun so people are dependent on the nuclear power he provides them.

Forbes estimates Mr Burns wealth to be around the $1.3 billion mark.

2) Auric Goldfinger (James Bond) - $6.5 billion

As his name suggests Auric Goldfinger is obsessed with gold, he is the mastermind behind a complex plan to rob the U.S bullion depository at Fort Knox which involves an atomic bomb, poison gas and an army of soldiers. He also kills his enemies by covering their bodies in the precious metal.

Goldfinger runs a complicated gold smuggling operation, which essentially involves packing cars full of gold and then flying them to India where they are melted down and sold at a profit. Forbes estimates Goldfinger’s wealth to be about $6.5 billion,

1) Jabba The Hut (Star Wars) - $8.4 billion

The slug from outta space is the richest crime lord in movie history, controlling all aspects of ill doing in his area of the galaxy, whether it is the dealing of human slaves or weapons he has accumulated an estimated $8.4 billion fortune according to Forbes.

At least this proves that money doesn’t buy class!