Red Carpet Interviews: Xavier Dolan on it's Only the End of the World

Other | Monday 19th December 2016 | Francesco

Xavier Dolan is one of the most successful and talented young directors of his generation. He has been compared to incredible and historical directors such as Orson Welles. He has already directed and written six movies. His first feature was I Killed My Mother and his latest one is Juste la fin du Monde - It's Only the End of the World.  During the London Film Festival we had the chance to be on the red carpet asking some questions to the "enfante prodige" of the cinema world.

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Dolan described the movie: "It's a story about our incapacity to listen to each other and talk to each other. In a nutshell, it's a story about a man who comes back home and tells his relatives that he is going to die. It's not a comedy, it's a film focused on the desire we have to tell each other important things because we are nervous and uncomfortable in our skins and incapable in the end of communicating the essential and our needs."

When someone asked him why he believed that the film was so divisive at Cannes, he answered: "How could I know? I wasn't divided by the film. It was a surprise for us, we were very proud of the film, so was I. Sometimes what you think of as emotions can turn into irration if they are interpreted by people who haven't personally experienced them in their own families. When I first read the play, the characters were very irritating to me. I didn't really enjoy any of it, I couldn't read that level of tenderness, I couldn't feel any compassion for the characters. I have read it five years later and it was something else. So maybe we could ask the critics how they feel about the movie in five years."

 I asked Xavier Dolan:  Juste la fin du Monde and your previous movies include and deal with LGBT storylines as the HIV-positive protagonist in It's Only the End of the World. Do you believe that your movies or cinema in general can be an effective instrument against discrimations, homophobia and can increase awareness in viewers?

That's what movies are for. They are vessels for all the battles we want to pit. Raising awareness on the LGBT community and giving prominence on its existence, it's important and it's normalcy. It's also something very dear to me. Although I do think that films shouldn't be labelled as being LGBT movies, if you want to be inclusive and evolve, we have to stop naming things and just live things. 

It's Only the End of the World will be released on February, the 24th. The movie is a must-see, have a look at the trailer below: