London Film Festival Round Up: Arrival, Being 17 and more

Other | Monday 21st November 2016 | Francesco

The London Film Festival line-up included almost five hundred movies, these are the most interesting upcoming releases that you need to go to watch.

Being 17: Téchiné directs this critically acclaimed movie about the difficult relationship of two high school students. When Damien's mother takes home Thomas whose own mother is ill, the son must deal with the boy he fought with at school. It's an incredible film that traps you in this realistic, tender and emotional coming-of-age story. With wonderful direction, witty and spot-on dialogues, you will want to watch and rewatch Quand on 17 ans/Being 17. It's definitely a must-see!

The Birth of a Nation: Nat Turner grows up as a slave and becomes an enslaved Baptist preacher who lives on a Virginia plantation owned by Samuel Turner. With the possibility of an insurrection in the air, Samuel wants Nate to sermonize to other slaves, but the latter will start an incredible rebellion. Nate Parker writes and directs this complex and inspiring story of a group of people who want their rights to be respected. It's not a perfect movie, but it's an important story that must be told.

A Quiet Passion: Terence Davies directs this Emily Dickinson portrait. This take on the writer's life is unforgettable: she loves her family, she struggles and she lives to the fullest. Cynthia Nixon's performance as Dickinson is memorable.

Have a look at the trailer below:

Una: Rooney Mara is Una, a teenage girl who had a relationship with her father's friend. It's not an easy movie to watch: it's a complex and psychological story of an abusive "love". The cast and the direction are spot-on.

Arrival: Amy Adams stars in one of the best sci-fi movie of the latest years. It's the story of Louise, a linguist who is able to communicate with aliens. Aliens are important within the story, but the film is not only about their arrival: it's also about human emotions and connections. The ending will stick with you for days. Villeneuve's vision is incredible.