Who the fuck is Spark Master Tape?

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 22nd May 2018 | Paul

Spark Master Tape is the alias of an anonymous rapper, who believes that with a mask you lose the judgment, the colour of your skin, your religion and the names given to you, and it all becomes about the music. 

Stuck between old school 90’s rap and trap rhythm, with a mixture of sci-fi sounds & old samples. Spark Master Tape is a voyager from another temporality. All of his beats are produced by Paper Platoon, which is also the name of his unique collective that includes visual artists and musicians. Maybe from the United Kingdom, maybe from behind the moon, he’s definitely a special creature. So far the artist has created two projects during 2013 and 2014.

However for two years Spark Master Tape abandoned all his social media accounts, the underground media was confused. Maybe he was just chillin’ or travelling in space-time. In any case, after two years, Spark posted a tweet on January 25, 2016 saying:

A week or so later, a video was posted to the official Spark Master Tape YouTube and Facebook pages, which showed a small group of people, filmed in black and white, wearing strange masks. It was the announcement of his third album…

More recently, in March 2018, he started his one verse a day for a month. With each day came a new short video. Here's one, remixing 'Icon' from Jayden Smith: 

Don't forget to check out Spark Master Tape's website to hear more of his monstrous sounds!