London Film Festival: La La Land Review

Other | Wednesday 26th October 2016 | Francesco

La La Land is the most discussed movie of the season. Whiplash's Damien Chazelle directs this original new musical about Mia and Sebastian. It's the story of an aspiring actress who falls in love with a jazz pianist. It's a tale of love and personal realisation.

Chazelle is such a talented director: he is 31, and he has already directed the Academy Awards nominee Whiplash. I was worried that his new release would not be able to match his previous brilliant film, but the truth is:  La La Land is even better. The cast includes Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. These two have an incredible chemistry and they both deliver a stellar perfomance. They act, they dance, they sing and it all feels so natural, convincing and compelling. 

This is actually one of the movie's strengths: its complex and authentic approach to relevant themes such as love and dreams. We also need to talk about the opening and closing scenes: these are two incredible moments of cinema. The opening musical-related moment and the alternative reality in the end are two visionary, amazing moments. You will not believe your eyes. The director is paying homage to old musicals and is reinventing the genre.

You will love its music, you will love its cinematography and you will love these struggling characters who are just ordinary people living their dreams. La La Land will definitely get  a huge amount of attention.  View the trailer below: