Call me By Your Name is an emotional exploration of love and heartbreak

Other | Tuesday 7th November 2017 | Francesco

We had the chance to watch the movie at the London Film Festival. It's the latest Guadagnino movie and it is focused on a love story. When Elio meets Oliver, he doesn’t foresee how their bond will change through the summer. Call Me by Your Name explores this tender connection between two very different human beings.

Luca Guadagnino is an Italian director that has paved his way through the Indie cinema scene. Before directing Call Me By Your Name, he was the mind behind A Bigger Splash that received critical acclaim and has since given him the opportunity to direct one of the strongest movies of 2017.

Call Me by Your Name follows a 17 years old boy who has to share his room with a 26-year-old PhD fellow who comes to visit Elio’s father, in order to study some archaeological tracks. This coming-of-age story explores the development of a subtle attraction that ends up creating a bond between two genuine and authentic characters.

But how does this movie stand out in the LGBT cinema?

There are so many strengths in Guadagnino’s picture, the story feels real, authentic and heartfelt. There is no enemy, no obstacles and as in real life, things happen and in the end change.

Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer play these roles with class, they are so natural and convincing. The movie shines in its unstoppable flow and comes to a predictable but at the same time a sad ending. When Elio and Oliver start to bond and begin some sort of relationship, they need to go there separate ways. While Oliver has a maturity and a background of experiences that will help him to go on with his life (he will get married in the end), Elio is experiencing his first love, his first sexual affair. This will lead to an inevitable heartbreak.

Indeed, we have one of the most powerful and poignant scenes of the movie in the closing titles, with the magnificent and inspiring voice of Sufjan Stevens, we witness Elio’s heartbreak firsthand and it feels extremely real.

Guadagnino decided not to add any nudity or particularly strong sex scenes, which doesn't take anything away from the powerful and spellbinding picture that will stick with you after the ending of the credits. Call Me by Your Name will not go unnoticed this year. 

Have a look at the trailer below: