Top 5 Reasons To Check Out This Month's Flare Festival

Tuesday 21st March 2017 | Grace

There are many reasons why Moonlight being announced as best picture at the Oscars was so great and progressive. Not only was it just an excellent piece of cinema, but there is a pure beauty in telling a story of a gay, black man growing up in America, a life that I imagine reflects the struggle for so many.

With that in mind, this month marks BFI’s famous Flare festival, a film event that screens and celebrates LGBT movies from around the world.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should try and grab tickets to one of the year’s hottest festivals:

It is a great celebration of diversity, not only through race and gender but for sexuality and class. Basically, it’s an amazing step in the right direction.

It's an opportunity for film makers who don’t normally get a chance to have films shown get exposure. It's no secret that most Hollywood directors, producers and scriptwriters are heterosexual white men, so this is a great chance to get inspiration away from the ‘norm’.

As well as the film makers, it’s great to see a diverse range of actors being represented on screen and a chance to get away from the overdone ‘guy meets girl’ storyline.

This is a film festival, which makes you cool by just saying you went!

It’s also a great reason to support and encourage more LGBT presence in mainstream cinema!