Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

Monday 16th September 2013 | Katie

Produced to go alongside Chipotle™’s Smartphone app, this animated commercial focuses on the scary potential future of the industrialised food market. Set in a dystopian fantasy world, it shows Scarecrows working in huge grey factories owned by ‘Crow Foods Incorporated’, an intimidating multi-national corporation which has a monopoly over mass-produced food everywhere. Focusing on one particular scarecrow with a conscience, the film shows his disillusionment with working for a company which claims to produce “all natural” food yet which genetically modifies its produce and treats the animals cruelly before shipping them out to the public, telling lies about what goes in the food. The scarecrow then goes home to his country cottage with a new idea about a brighter future for organic, free-range and natural food, and the advert ends with a hopeful feeling, making us really think about our choices and whether we really want to head to Tesco or McDonalds next time we’re hungry.