London Film Festival: Nocturnal Animals Review

Other | Monday 21st November 2016 | Francesco

Nocturnal Animals is the new Tom Ford movie. The talented director creates a story within a story: years after Susan and Edward's break up, the former receives a manuscript from her ex-lover. He used to call her a "Nocturnal Animal" and his first book has the same name.

She starts to read it and we are trapped in these two unique and visionary storylines that develop on-screen. Through Susan's eyes we are able to watch what she is reading and through her memories we discover how and why the couple split in the past. Edward is a naive artist, while Susan can not overcome her family heritage: she doesn't believe in love beyond social divisions.

Nocturnal Animals is a story of love, grief and choices. The A Single Man director creates this bleak world where dialogue is not important - the emotional and extraordinary scenes are depicted by the spot-on perfomances of the actors and the wonderful direction. Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall are stunning in this mesmerising tale based on the Wright novel: Tony and Susan.

It's a powerful movie that will stick with you for days: the story, the cinematography and the style are unique. Tom Ford has become one of the most critically acclaimed new directors, and Nocturnal Animals has already won an important prize: the "Coppa Volpi" award at the Venice Film Festival. Don't miss the trailer below: