Upcoming Documentary 'Drowning in Plastic' Examines the Impact of Plastic in the Oceans

Other | Monday 22nd January 2018 | David

According to the National Geographic, around eight million tons of plastic is dropped into the oceans every year. The BBC will address this catastrophic problem in their new documentary Drowning in Plastic.

The ninety-minute film will be presented by environmental expert Liz Bonnin and will air on BBC One later this year. In addition to examining the epidemic of the sheer quantities of plastic being dumped into the Earth’s waters, Bonnin will also meet with scientists throughout the documentary to discuss how the problem can be addressed. 

Although Drowning in Plastic was commissioned by the BBC before they aired Blue Planet II, the success of the aforementioned series led to the film becoming a top priority as it sparked a widespread interest in the condition of our oceans.

Before Drowning in Plastic airs later this year, you can learn more about the problem and what you can do to help by visiting Plastic