90 Year Old David Attenborough Still Presenting Fantastic BBC Nature Documentaries

Other | Tuesday 21st February 2017 | David

What could possibly be better than one new BBC nature documentary presented by David Attenborough? Well, how about two new BBC nature documentaries presented by David Attenborough?

Consider yourself blessed, because that's exactly what we're getting. He may now be 90, but Mr. Attenborough has certainly still got it.

Firstly, there's Planet Earth II, which was broadcast in the UK, in November and begins airing in the US this month. A sequel to the hit 2006 series, the six-part documentary showcases some of the most wondrous marvels our planet has to offer, covering everything from lush rainforests to blazing deserts. The breathtaking visuals are accompanied by a cinematic score composed by Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer.

If you're a UK resident, you can purchase Planet Earth II from Amazon, whilst if you're in the US, be sure to catch it on BBC America.

Then there's recently announced Blue Planet II, which is set to air later this year. Anyone who watched the original Blue Planet back in 2001 will remember the breathtaking footage of rarely seen creatures that inhabit our oceans, so we can expect more of the same, when the seven part sequel airs later this year.

As reported by The Guardian, the BBC nature team have developed brand new camera technology specifically to film in previously inaccessible underwater areas, so you'd better hold on to your seats, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

In the past, Attenborough's narration has replaced everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Sigourney Weaver when his documentaries were broadcast in the US, where he never achieved a high level of fame.

In recent years however, the BBC have insisted that his voice be kept intact when selling the shows foreign English-speaking territories, so if you're an American viewer, rest assured that you don't have to worry about missing out on the elegant commentary that Attenborough delivers so well.

On a more serious note, these documentaries are also hugely important, because it's vital to record as much as possible of our incredible natural world. And with a American President who thinks that climate change is a hoax, and is in the pocket of big oil companies, it's sadly a matter of when, and not if, it all comes to an end.