Is it just me or is the BBC very Tory?

Thursday 1st June 2017 | Osh

It seems that this world's idea of a democracy is to put a government in power, have the government supported to the tune of millions from big business. Big business that then gets a say in which laws are and are not passed. 

The media, which consists of both 'big' businesses, the government and publicly supported organisations like the BBC, an agency that is supposedly impartial. 

This means that the public is supposed to see a fair representation from each party, yet the BBC has had the following people calling it out for its blatant bias:  

Organisations like 38 Degrees called out the BBC media bias as a smear campaign.
The Guardian points out the brazenness of their bias.  

Most of the world is well aware at the rhetoric 
spoused by tabloids like the Daily Express.

The vile comments by LBC and the Daily Mail staff have also long been the echo chamber of right wing Britain but when the BBC which is publicly funded and the stalwart of British culture so obviously and callously backs a particular political party we must call into question the very nature of this 'democracy'.

How do our children have a chance? Is it fair to bring kids up in a world full of media distraction from all directions. Free papers and magazines on the underground, a barrage of videos, from tv screens and social media, to then be told....

"To live a true honest life you are not to believe a word of what you hear?"

This falseness of life is a tragedy for everyone!

Here's some evidence from a guest journalist and an insight into the behind the scenes bias.