A Drunken Huntsman and a Ravishing Queen of Death

Tuesday 12th June 2012 | Osh


Forget Snow White, it’s all about the layers of ice that Charlize Theron executes perfectly in the form of Ravenna, the step-mother. With brilliant and biting acting, Snow White and the Huntsman don’t get around to ravaging each other.

This step-mother screams beauty, lives beauty and literally breathes in beauty. Ravenna comes across as the protagonist in this delightful and intense tail about a pretty little girl and the man sent to kill her. Forget Kristen Stewart who has finally grasped the concept of seeing without blinking, it seriously is all about the outstanding acting of Theron. Without her, the film wouldn’t have its emotional quality; Rupert Sanders (director) definitely got something right.

Speaking of exceptional acting, post-Thor, Chris Hemsworth is doing great for himself. He is able to expel the right kind of drunken-mess-depressed-widower stereotype. The only questionable acting would probably be that of the seven dwarves. At one point a dwarf says ‘No this cannot be’ in a nail biting scene ruined by his dead drone, a little more creative emotion  would have gone down a treat!

Every fairy tale has a slight love story but in Snow White and the Huntsman it’s a strange three-way triangle that doesn’t have focus; you’ll understand when you see the true love’s kiss. There are a few random parts in the film that need focus however, the scenes are still cool! There is one of Ravenna emerging from a milk/wax like substance with statuesque grace. The highlight of the film would be the highly defined attention to detail. From bleeding ink, bitten apples and shiver creating insects the imagery is heartbreaking in itself.

There have been many interpretations of fairy tales, some good and some bad. This alternative tale of treachery and freedom will take you to an unknown dimension. 


Arti Rajput