'If you eat food, this is an issue you really need to worry about'

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 | Grace

Coming out on Netflix earlier this year, the six-part documentary, Rotten, takes a deep look into the food industry and what it is that we are all putting into our bodies.

In a bid to make as much money as possible, it seems that the producers of our food are not taking anywhere near as much care as they once were, and those at the top of the food chain as it were, are, once again, putting profit over people.

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“Our bodies are rejecting the food we eat…and even the experts don’t really know why.” Quotes like this from the series are leading viewers to describe the programme as more of a horror than a documentary as Rotten goes out of its way to expose the food industry by doing the usual talking-to-the-professionals and going undercover to reveal so much about the diet we consume that a lot of us simply do not know about and what this means for all of our future. 

As well as taking a poignant exploration into what goes into the food and how it is made, the series also investigates issues such as animal welfare and the lives and pay of the people that put the hard work into getting the food that we eat. So, for anybody who eats food, this documentary is a must see!