It's World Vegan Day - what can you do?

Other | Thursday 1st November 2018 | Rose

Happy World Vegan Day.

Today is a day to recognise and celebrate the progression of veganism in the UK. Since last year, far more products have appeared on the shelves of big supermarkets. Suddenly we can find ready meals which aren't packed with cheese, big chain restaurants are providing options beyond just chips, independents are popping up with all-vegan menus, and food labelling is beginning to recognise the importance of specifying 'vegan' not just 'vegetarian'.

The social media prescence of veganism is sparking debates and changing attitudes. Youtubers like Earthling Ed and Avant Garde Vegan and celebrities/reality tv stars are pushing the prescence of veganism to the max. Everyone seems to have an understanding of what veganism is, and talking about being vegan is met with less questionable looks and more acceptance in a growing number of circles.

One main shift in attitudes is an increse in regonition about how food is affecting the planet. Instead of thinking all vegans are doing it for the animals, many people are beginning to understand the many other motivations for the lifestyle.

Those are the positives, but it needs to go further, and today is the opportunity. 

Today is a day to try something new, wthether that be with your food or with your thoughts. Watch a documentary, aim to learn something new.

If you're going for a meal out today, try a vegan option. Go to a place which specialises in vegan food and you're guarenteed to get a good impression.

If you're cooking tonight, experiment with vegetables at home. Roast some chickpeas with oil and smoked paprika and add them to a curry or pasta dish instead of meat. Swap out your milky coffee for an oat milk option. Have popcorn, crisps or dark chocolate as a snack instead of croissants or dairy milk. You won't miss anything, and you might just find a new favourite. 

Stop with the 'but bacon' excuses. It's one day, and it could make a huge difference.