A vegan approach to activism with Earthling Ed

Other | Monday 15th January 2018 | Lio

Ed is a British born YouTuber and vegan activist who has a different approach to activism from other YouTubers.

He is bold, confident and doesn’t hesitate to confront people about their views on animal rights, whether that be on the street, farms and any other public spaces.

Becoming vegan changed Ed’s point of view about the world, life and consumerism. He explains, "...not long after I became vegan, I realised that I owed it to the animals that had previously been murdered on my behalf to devote my life to animal rights."

Ed has since teamed with HeartCulture, an ethical clothing brand where he has designed a t-shirt line for the brand. 50% of the final profits from his current collection will go to support Ed's activism organisation, which works to end all animal oppression.

His videos also vary in topics from "Do animals feels pain?" to "Our ancestors ate animals, so why can’t we?". To illustrate his statements, he shows shocking pictures about overproduction, as can be seen in the video below:

Learn more about Earthling Ed here!