Who says vegans can’t enjoy fast food?

Tuesday 24th April 2018 | Jake

Looking for a quick meal on a night out is difficult for vegetarians, it’s almost impossible for Vegans. The drunken stumble to McDonald’s with omnivorous friends are desperate trips, sitting and suffering as they feast, vegans and vegetarians are stuck with either getting some chips, finding a falafel place or, as is often the case, waiting until you’re home.

The lack of vegan options is odd given that the vegan population is swelling at a rapid pace, a study by researchers Ipsos MORI found that the number of vegans in Britain ballooned by 360% between 2006 and 2016. The study also found that 22% of Britain’s vegan population reside in London.

The massive increase has seen vegan restaurants and supermarkets turn up all over the capital, however, the same cannot be said for vegan fast food joints. One business is looking to change that.

Temple of Seitan has opened two stores, one in Hackney and the other in Camden, in its three years of existence, as well as running many pop-ups around the city. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan, with a range of burgers available and, most popular of all, plenty of fried ‘chick’n’. Prices are extremely affordable, and the popularity of the two spots looks like ushering in a vegan fast food revolution.