Steven Soderbergh Returns To The Director's Chair With Logan Lucky

Other | Monday 3rd July 2017 | David

Aside from his brief cameo as a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daniel Craig hasn’t starred in a single non-Bond film since the release of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo back in 2011.

Which is why it's so refreshing to see him finally tackling a new kind role in the trailer for the upcoming heist movie Logan Lucky.

Craig stars as a master criminal busted out of prison so he can help three brothers carry out a heist. Aside from Craig, Logan Lucky features a huge cast of big name actors including Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes and Katherine Waterston.

The film was directed by Steven Soderbergh, who is best known for a multitude of acclaimed films such as  Sex, Lies, and Videotape, The Limey, Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Contagion, Magic Mike, and the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy.

Logan Lucky comes out in the UK on August 25th.