Tom Hardy to star in Netflix's 'War Party'

Other | Thursday 16th March 2017 | Idrees

Netflix is proving to become a real juggernaut in the movie industry, as they have released an array of original films on the platform.

In the same vein, it appears that Netflix has gone and done it again.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix have beat out Amazon, Universal and Lionsgate to pick up a movie pitch from Andrew Dominik, in a reported seven-figure deal.

The movie, named War Party, will be an adventure project with Tom Hardy attached to star and Andrew Dominik directing.

At the moment, details for War Party are kept secret but reports say it is being described as a true story on events which centre around real-life SEALS.

Dominik will be joined by writer Harrison Query, and the Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Films will handle the production.

No word as of yet for when we can expect to see the Navy SEAL adventure. 

But in the meantime, Hardy will reunite with Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan in war drama Dunkirk which opens in July.