King of Comedy ‘Dave Chappelle’ back with two new Netflix specials!

Other | Wednesday 22nd March 2017 | Reece

​"I’ve been gone for a very long time" is one of Dave Chappelle's opening lines in the first out of two comedy specials, and that couldn’t be more accurate.

After walking away from a 50 million contract with Comedy Central back in 2005 with the wildly successful Chappelle’s Show and then moving to South Africa, the whole world mourned as years went by without one of our most beloved comedians.

In his absence, comedic duo Key and Peele and comedian Amy Schumer with her sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, have become very successful on Comedy Central. Making us laugh countless times over, but still not fulfilling Dave's spot in our hearts.

Then news broke last year after he remerged back into the world, hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live) and nailed it, he later signed a lucrative deal with Netflix, with three specials amounting to 60 million, 10 million more than he was offered in 2005.

Released March 21st, the two out of three Netflix specials, The Age of Spin filmed in the Hollywood Palladium in LA in 2016, and the Heart of Texas filmed in Austin City Limits in 2015 are unapologetic, timely and hysterically funny.

The third special is not yet filmed yet, but it will supposedly involve jokes about President Trump and it is coming later this year.

The two new specials show that Dave remains on top form from discussing four unique times he met O.J Simpson, how he handled the Bill Cosby's rape allegations and the internet culture in Age of Spin. To getting more dirty and intimate,on topics ranging from sex, fame and the upsides and downsides of marriage and having kids in Heart of Texas.

Dave's razor sharp observational comedy and his framing of storytelling is just as funny and relatable as his classic 2000 ‘Killing Them Softly’ special.

These two specials will have you laughing till you cry and keep you more than satisfied until the third special emerges later this year. One thing’s for sure, the king of comedy is back and it looks like he’s going to stick around for a while.