'Stranger Fruit' Docu Shows New Evidence in the Ferguson Shooting

Other | Thursday 16th March 2017 | Idrees

Stranger Fruit was one of the main standouts in the SXSW Film Festival. The documentary revisits the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, a 18-year-old black man, in Ferguson, Missouri, shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The shootings sparked major controversy as Wilson was not charged for the death of Michael Brown.

Jason Pollock’s new documentary re-examines the encounter between Brown and Wilson, with Pollack concluding that despite the verdict of the grand jury or the Department of Justice, the shooting “was a murder” and Wilson, “should be in jail.”

Before the premiere of the documentary, Pollack ignited fresh headlines by releasing new unseen footage of the convenience store.

The police released security footage which shows Brown visiting Ferguson Market and Liqour, where it appeared as though Brown stole a bag of cigarillos which triggered the call to 911 prompting the police stop.

However this new footage from Pollack challenges the narrative, as this video shows Brown visiting the same market at 1:13am on Aug. 9, 11 hours before the shooting.

According to Pollack’s analysis, Brown traded a small bag of marijuana for the cigarillos, where he would leave the cigarillos to return later in the day to pick them up.

”I wanted to try to change the trajectory of this case. This new evidence is a huge smoking gun,” says Pollock

He believes that this new tape argues that when Brown returned to the store, it was to pick up his own package instead of stealing anything.

St. Louis county prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch called a press conference in retaliation to the new footage.

“What this guy’s putting out is just nonsense.” The attorney stated.

But, Pollack fired back stating that in light of this new evidence, the case should be reopened and “Bob McCulloch is the one who should be investigated, not Michael Brown.”

One thing is for sure, this new documentary is definitely a must see and it could possibly lead to the reopening of the Michael Brown case!