Can the Met police be trusted

Other | Tuesday 25th July 2017 | Claudia

A Stand Up To Racism protest sparked out in east London, This gathering brought the high street to a standstill after an incident involving a 20-year-old black father died following a confrontation with police.

Demonstrators gathered in their 100's to protest after a 20-year-old man died at a convenience store when a police chase ended, like the boy's life, in the shop.

Footage of this altercation first appeared on social media and showed a police officer trying to restrain Rashan Charles, on the floor of an off license shop on Kingsland Road, east London.This tragedy took place on Saturday at 1.45am. And highlighted the aggressive manner in which this police officer handled this young black man.

 Nevertheless, this type of incident is not uncommonly unheard of and has been seen many times in America. There are also a string of cases like these where people die in police custody in the UK.

Rashan Charles who was said to have been rushed to the Royal London hospital died sometime shortly after. A maximum of 150 people gathered to pay respect and solidarity to the young man's death, some angry and others disheartened by the recent events that took place that night.

 'Black Lives Matter' were a common theme on protesters placards, the conversation was the current social inequality that many still feel is present in society.

The crowd assembled outside Stoke Newington police station on Monday evening. Where they could be heard shouting, “No justice, no peace, fuck the police”. Charles Rashan who had a baby girl was said to be a friendly, gentle and caring man with a very generous nature towards others.

So the question is what really happened that night of this unfaithful incident. The independent Police Complaints Commissioner is said to be looking into the death and the Metropolitan police have said that Charles was seen  “trying to swallow an object” that the officer “sought to prevent the man from harming himself”.

Many black people will be thinking "Oh this old chestnut". Sprinkling drugs around the victim was a favourite method of taking blame away from racist police officers in the States. 

After all, why not tell the world what exact drug he swallowed? Was it a bag of weed? A gram of coke? It does make a difference to the man's legacy and whatever it was it is irrelevant, as the police do not have the right to be judge, jury and executioner.  

Capital punishment was abolished years ago. For humane reasons. It is inhumane to kill people for taking or selling drugs. 

We ask those who are posting ridiculous comments such as "He deserved it, he is a drug dealer." Have they ever given a black person a job? What have they done to take a stand for the unjust way society treats ethnic minorities? Nothing, so they too are part of the problem.

While their kids take drugs they gloat at the killing of those of other races who do the same thing. 

Charles’s death wasn't the only incident to have occurred, Edson Da Costa who was 25 died last month after again being restrained by police in Beckton east London. This incident also sparked public outrage, protesters rallied against alleged police brutality.

Many other media outlets such as the Independent & Evening Standard have tried to down play the incident and followed the police line of placing the blame on the victim himself saying Charles was seen “trying to swallow an object.” 

The police officer in charge took a violent approach and was THE causing contributor to Rashan Charles death. 

Now, the real question to ask is do the met police need more training or is there underlined institutionalised racism within the Metropolitan Police?

No-one likes tension between the police and the people but the minute the police kill a black man or woman that can't be portrayed as a criminal, there will be trouble on the streets.