The films that taught us the importance of soundtracks

Other | Monday 13th February 2017 | Annoush

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit pretentious with films, but I am even more so with music. But when you combine these two things together they create a beautiful harmony.

Here is a list of films that I think have the best soundtracks:


This film is sadly under-rated, but is well worth a watch. It’ll give you extreme 90s nostalgic feelings, with the technology, the outfits (can we have a moment to appreciate Angelina Jolie’s clothes?!) and the music. The film opens with Orbital's, Halcyon On and On (an acid house classic), which really sets the tone for the rest of the film. The Prodigy’s One Love blasts out as the team of reneged Hackers rollerblade around New York, Leftfield plays in the background during a house party and a cheeky bit of Underworld in a tech club. All in all it’s a solid soundtrack that made me love rave music.


I mean who doesn’t love this soundtrack? Iggy Pop, Blondie, and Pulp all crammed into Danny Boyle’s junkie classic. When Underworld's, Born Slippy plays as Renton crosses the bridge having “Chosen Life” it just solidifies the perfection that is this soundtrack.T2 (the sequel) was just released, and frankly it did not disappoint on the soundtrack front! It was the perfect mixture of new and nostalgia that set the scene brilliantly for the follow up.

Wayne’s World

I think we’ve all seen this classic. From the badass cover of Ballroom Blitz to the famous Bohemian Rhapsody scene, this film has everything. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Alice Cooper in this film too? (we truly are NOT worthy)

Spike Island

A niche but great film, Spike Island follows a wannabe 90s Manchester band as they attempt to gain access to the infamous Stone Roses gig at Spike Island. The whole film and soundtrack is homage to the Roses, with a cheeky Voodoo Ray reference thrown in. If you love the Roses this is a must watch film!

Of course there are so many other fantastic film soundtracks, including Labyrinth (Bowie as the goblin king, enough said), Whip It (intensely bad ass roller derby) and of course Donnie Darko (angsty perfection). What others would you recommend?