The legendary vocalist Tenor Fly has passed away

Reggae | Friday 17th June 2016 | Arren

Tenor Fly has passed away.

The MC/vocalist today passed away. Tenor Fly came through in the 90s and remained a constant vocal force in the scene till this day. Whether you’ve heard him through his work with The Freestylers, his lyrical contributions to reggae influenced music from jungle to dancehall or at one of the many events he’s performed at - you know his passion and love for the music.

Hailing from Brixton his unmistakable voice and wicked lyrical ability turned tracks to songs. His career was long and prosperous, and saw him work on a vast number of projects spanning a range of genres while managing to keep things locked down to the roots.

Tribute posts have been flooding social media, including Grooverider, Crissy Cris, and North Base. RIP Tenor Fly, you’ll be missed!