Popcaan shows us his style is Forever

Reggae | Tuesday 28th August 2018 | Jake

Four years is a long time in music. For a lot of careers, it’s a lifetime.

It speaks to Popcaan’s longevity and unerring talent that his second studio album, Forever – coming four years after his debut – was even more eagerly anticipated than 2014’s Where We Come From. Fans won’t be overly disappointed with Forever, but the long-awaited follow up fails to match up to its predecessor.

Where We Come From raised the bar, it set a level that all dancehall artists would have to aspire to. It won international acclaim and brought Popcaan fame and prestige, as well as new friends in music – most notably Drake. Forever is unlikely to draw such plaudits, but it is a nicely curated LP that retains all thekey hallmarks of his first album.

Dre Skull’s production remains the perfect platform for Popcaan’s musings on faith, love, family and friends. It can produce atmosphere at will, something that the majority of dancehall producers will struggle to achieve. Popcaan has experimented with a few different sounds since his 2014 opus, with varied results. Featuring on tracks with the Gorillaz, Jamie XX and Pusha T has highlighted Popcaan’s willingness to move away from a traditional dancehall sound. However, Forever is emphatically a dancehall album, with Popcaan masterfully switching from a mournful, wistful croon on one track, to verses laden with amorous intent on the next.

You can cop Forever here

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