Alliance against plastic waste is investing in new plastic production plants

Friday 25th January 2019 | Jake

An alliance of companies who have joined forces to help end plastic waste are in fact a collection of the major contributors to plastic production. 400m tonnes of plastic is produced globally each year, while production is set to increase by 40% over the next ten years.

Evidently, then, urgent action is needed to curb the rampant, destructive production that sees Europe alone produce 60m tonnes of plastic a year. As part of the effort an alliance of major companies has been formed, promising £778m, aka $1bn, to reduce production and promote recycling. Such news should ordinarily be welcomed, but a glance at the companies involved in the alliance makes for grim reading.


Both ExxonMobil and those radical environmentalists at Shell have committed to the alliance. Together the pair have billions of dollars invested in plastic production. Shell is currently building a plant in America that will produce 1.6m tonnes of plastic a year. Meanwhile ExxonMobil is bolstering a plant in Texas, hoping to increase its plastic production to 2.5m tonnes a year. The alliance’s contradictory actions are no less disturbing than they are predictable. It’s time to hold plastic producers to account.