Drip Harder by Gunna & Lil Baby – review

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 19th October 2018 | Jake

The Atlanta rap scene is never in short supply of new stars.

The latest two to graduate from the centre of rap excellence, that is, the state capital of Georgia, are Gunna and Lil Baby. To cement their status as leading lights of the new school, the pair have dropped the joint tape, 'Drip Harder'.

The title itself is a nod to the pair’s penchant for those words. All of Gunna’s tapes have included the word Drip (Drip season, Drip or Drown, etc.), while every single Lil Baby project claims it will go hard (Harder Than Hard, Harder Than Ever, etc.). The two are frequent collaborators, having featured on each other’s solo efforts on multiple occasions, and both being tied closely to Young Thug’s YSL label (although Lil Baby is signed to QC Music).

So it was no surprise when the duo revealed they would be releasing a joint effort. Prior to the release, the two were inextricably linked by their unshakable love of a single word, the production circles they moved in, even their individual successes seemed to step in sync. That was until Lil Baby released his debut album, Harder Than Ever, garnering major acclaim and catapulting the rapper into the mainstream whilst Gunna focused on features and working with YSL label-mates.

Now, after the release of Drip Harder, all discussion is focused, quite heatedly, on who performed best on the tape. That such a discussion exists is testament to the distinctive, yet complementing styles of each rapper. It also highlights that Gunna managed not to resemble a feature on the tape – dwarfed by Lil Baby’s star – and the latter’s success in managing to meet the rising demands placed on him.

While the tape as a whole may not prove to be a classic – it struggles with living up to its lead single, Drip Too Hard – Drip Harder is a thoroughly enjoyable tape, and in no way, shape or form, a disappointment, à la Huncho Jack. Away from its lead single, highlights include Seals Pills, My Jeans (featuring their mentor Young Thug) and Style Stealer. Far from saturating the scene, this joint effort will enhance the status of its stars and doesn’t approach monotony after a few listens. Purchase 'Drip Harder' here

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