TenchoO drops 'Game Face' first track in two years!

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 24th September 2018 | Phil

Speak to any fan of the UK and European rap battle circuit over the last decade or so and the name TenchoO will be amongst the first to be glowingly referenced.

A straight up fire-spittin' hip hop lyricist who has been more than “Nice since the late nineties” (something that I can personally testify too) and, having not only won the Don’t Flop Doubles in 2010 but The Jump Off in 2012, TenchoO has the proven pedigree of a rap champion.

Not appearing in battle since bodying Copywrite at Ministry of Sound back in 2016, since then TenchoO slowed down his appearances at Act on Words with Dekay and MIDI Intellect, but from the sounds of ‘Game Face’, the man known to his old spars as AudioHustler of O.P.T has been happily occupied keeping his pen game as wakizashi-sharp as ever.

The track comes equipped with a war march of a beat as supplied by Mr Bigz that sets a distinctly boom bap tempo, one that allows both TenchoO the freedom to display his raw firepower and multisyllabic wizardry and for any listeners to thoroughly examine the depth of his lyricism. 

TenchoO’s new LP is sure to be a monster if he is setting the bar with bars like this. Few could keep up with him on the battle rap scene, now it looks as if he's ready to set the standard on his forthcoming album, powered by his all encompassing, eternally uncompromising style.

Game Face’ is the first single to be lifted from TenchoO’s eagerly anticipated 2nd studio produced LP, ‘Live From The Crojo’, which is set for release early 2019 on One Shoe Records.

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