Swedish singer Angie on growing up in Sweden and making it legal

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 24th October 2016 | Osh

Heard this track Smoke Weed Eat Pussy and had to speak to this girl to see what life's like in Sweden when you are not quite like the rest. 

How old are you Angie?

I’m 21.

When did you first start to rebel?

That was when I was about 12 maybe.

Was that when you started smoking?

No, I started smoking when I was 15.

So what did you do when you were 12? Did you run away from home? What were your rebellious actions?

Well it’s kind of sad but I was kind of suicidal as a child, because I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere, I come from a small town where they’re quite homophobic.

At what point in your life did you kind of get over that?

When I was around 15 maybe.

So it was tough growing up. When you were 15, was it a particular event? Did you move to the big city?

No, I started hanging out with people like me and started to get away from the city I lived in.

So you started being more individual?

I started smoking weed. I had really low self esteem, then I started smoking weed and everything went well.

Depression’s huge, that’s just another thing that weed helps.

It’s stupid that it’s illegal when it helps so many people.

Apart from weed, which is a great way to help yourself, have you got anything else to say to anyone who was suffering the way you were?

I just have to say that you can’t stay in the place you feel like shit. You have to do something about it and you’re the only one who can do it. And if you think everything sucks you just have to go away and find your own way. You’ve got the power to change everything, no one else is going to change it for you, you’ve got to pick yourself up and leave the fucking town that makes you miserable.

I can see you’re out to shock now. What’s one of the shocking things you’ve done in your life?

I can’t figure out anything right now cos everything’s normal to me. I’ve done a lot of drugs but I don’t like the synthetic shit. I started using drugs quite early, when I was 15. I run away from home, I did all the rebellious things like a typical movie. I don’t know how to answer that question, everything is so normal to me.

You’ve lived a lot now so do you feel like you’ve come out on the other side and matured?

Yeah, like I’m so happy that I started using drugs and stuff at that early stage because I really found myself. Where I come from, there’s not much empathy around. People don’t see the bigger picture, they just see what’s good for them and don’t give a shit about other people. And I think just having this life that I’ve had, with a crazy motherfucker mum and a crazy dad, and everything I had to go through, made me an awesome person and I’m really proud of myself.

It’s funny because we in London, we just think everyone in Sweden is no nice, but I suppose it’s just like any other country.

Yeah it is. I think it’s a lot like England. But still not maybe.

Have you spent much time in London?

No, I’ve never been there. No, I’ve only been to Malta, Thailand, Hawaii. Those are the countries I’ve been to.

I see you player, you like the sunshine don’t you. London in the sunshine is one of the best places in the world.

I believe you, I really wanna go there. My ex-boyfriend comes from England, he says it’s wonderful.

Have you been to Amsterdam?

I have never been to Amsterdam which is so weird because that’s my dream goal is to get there or live there someday.

I don’t think you’re a smoker till you get out there. You need to get out there. I wanna hear your stories of Amsterdam and London next time I speak to you.

Yeah I have to go there soon.

Now it says here that you thought you were gay and you got really grossed out by dicks. Are you still grossed out by dicks?

No, I have a boyfriend now so I really can’t say that, but I had a phase when I was fifteen when I met my first girlfriend. I thought I was a lesbian but I’m bisexual as fuck.

It did say here that you could be a complete cunt as well, so other than stealing flowers from your neighbour’s gardens, could you tell us bad shit that you’ve been doing?

I spit at a guard in his face for being sexist. I can’t tolerate sexism or anything around that shit, I get super mad when people are stupid.

Now if you were to put all your energy behind one cause, what would that cause be?

I have a song called bitches playground that’s really goofy, but it’s all about girls taking over and being awesome bitches. I don’t know, I’m so bad at interviews, I’m so sorry.

Na, you’re just warming up, I can see you’ve got a good career ahead of you. Were just practising for when you’re out there on the road all the time. I can see good things happening for you.


I can see that if you want to go out there and have girl power as one of your causes, you’ve come out in a good way, so keep that moving. Just a couple more questions – if there’s one thing you want to do before you die, what is it?

I’d like to do acid but I’m too afraid of it, I’ve got too many mental illnesses that would totally fuck me up.

Give me something you’re looking forward to.

I’m really looking forward to doing shows outside of Sweden. I really want to go to different places than Sweden and connect with people and do shows.

Have you got anything to say to London, just before we disappear?

Smoke weed eat pussy.

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