Drake dips into nostalgic beats in new track

RnB/Hip Hop | Saturday 7th April 2018 | Angel

Drake has been doing bits this year. First, he drops two killer singles ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, then he dishes out his whole music video budget to those in need, and now his hat trick is complete with his newest single ‘Nice For What’.

The song combines the silky vocals and contagious beats of Lauryn Hill's hit single 'Ex-Factor', alongside Drake’s own fresh bars, culminating in a track that makes you want to bust some moves as well as smoke a joint to some old rnb classics.

As an artist renounced for his pop-rap club tracks and chart-stomping anthems, it was inevitably going to be difficult for Drake to alter his musical image. Nevertheless, his most recent singles, hinting to the release of a new album, seem to lean towards a more refined and classic hip-hop style.

As much as we all love those popular Drake tracks ‘Work’, ‘One Dance’ and ‘Hotline Bling’, and will continue to lose our shit when they come on in the club, his new sound is one to watch.