Three ways to improve your ethical fashion conscience

Thursday 15th February 2018 | Kat

If you have principles about what you're buying from the shops, here's three ways to improve your ethical fashion conscience when you are next out and about.

Ask questions when you go shopping

If there is no info as to where the item was made, why not just ask! Curiosity tends to peak other people's interest, so even if you don't get your answer in the very least you might inspire them to question it for themselves. The action in itself speaks volumes to the shop owner about the concern given by customers as to the clothes' traceability and perhaps it may even influence them into looking at their buying choices!

Sharing is caring

The best way to influence others' mindsets for positive change is to share all the worthwhile, fascinating info that you find. Whether it be on social media or over a pint in the pub, passing on the knowledge is one sure fire way to fight for a cause that you believe in. 
If you don't agree, let them know!
With the rise of social media, it has never been easier to make your voice heard to brands if you don't agree with what they stand for. Writing an email outlining your opinions and asking questions about their supply chain process also presents an element of authenticity which could actually make a change!