Black Friday… Proof That Consumerism Rules Our Lives

Other | Wednesday 11th November 2015 | Sebastian

Is consumerism in today's world getting out of hand?

Black Friday highlights the fact that the world we live in today is a commercial one. More people order products online now than ever before, and everything is purchasable. Even something as essential as water, now costs an average of £3.40 per litre in the UK. 

If you think about it, can you really go anywhere without seeing some type of product shoved in your face? On the tube, on the bus, and with the online presence of companies as high as ever, you can't even escape it in your own home. It's easier to embrace it now than to fight it.


Hoverboards. Not even a good look

The pinacle of lazy travel devices. Literally next to no physical activity is needed to use one. Introduced with the description that it is 'futuristic' and 'innovative'. It is just a waste of money in my eyes. When the novelty of it wears off what have you really got? A platform with two wheels, really? It's money that can be spent on things that are much more needed. Besides, I would never want to live in a world where the odd one out is the guy who is walking.

I wonder if anyone has thought about the health issues that devices like these could cause. People already do the most minimal amount of exercise, especially in London. Walking now is seen as way of keeping fit... take that away and what have you got? Soon we will all either be cyborgs, or obese. 


Buying online is becoming easier than easy

Do we really need to make buying as easy as one click on a smart phone? Sure it's simple and very quick to do but it's what this could lead onto that is really scary. Soon we won't have any retail stores and everyone will do their shopping online

The real question is why have we let the big cats at the top persuade and trick us into thinking that buying stuff is important. Companies feed us the view that having big TVs, expensive clothes, and games consoles will make us happy. If you can't be happy without a Louis Vuitton man bag that costs £1000, you'll never be happy with one. Expensive fashion means nothing to me, if it looks nice then it looks nice. It doesn't matter about how much it costs, or what brand it is. I'm not saying this is, but this opinion may be what should be adopted by more people  


Black Friday and the chaos it brings

This is the perfect video to show how retail therapy has become mayhem. People are tumbling over each other just to buy products that they have probably convinced themselves they want, just because it's cheaper. The Black Friday sales have just dropped the cost of products from absurdly overpriced to almost reasonable, which is the worst thing about it... People think they are getting a good deal when they are really just getting a better deal than the already extortionate one in place.

People could be using their money or saving it for things they actually need, like paying for rent or for food. Instead they invest in a load of rubbish that they will either get bored of, or throw away the next year when Black Friday rolls around again. It's the vicious cycle of our throw-away society.

All of this is just evidence that buying needless bullshit has not just become popular, but essential for most people. Myself included sometimes. But I want this to change about our world. Why can't the millionaires that own retail companies just give it a break and let us choose what we want instead of telling us what we want and need? We don't need your 50 inch TVs, or your Versace. Your Rolex watches may look flashy...but we don't need them, either.