5 Hot Sex Shops in London

Other | Wednesday 26th February 2014 | Maggie Roby

5 Best sex shops in London according to the horny ones in the office :)


Looking for some more excitement in your sex life? We’ve compiled 5 of the best sex shops in London. From light-hearted and sexy to hard-core, gay or straight, this list has something for everyone!


Play Kinky-

Our first recommendation is the online store Play Kinky. They have a wide range of products, from vibrators, to anal toys, bondage gear and everything in between. They have great products for Women, Men and Couples. You can shop comfortably from your home and get free delivery on all orders, plus they deliver your purchases in discreet packaging.


Sh! Hoxton-

 You don’t have to be a woman to enjoy shopping in Sh!, but you do have to be accompanied by one. This erotic emporium is run by women for women, has been described as a cavern of erotic treasures. Whether you are looking for sexy lingerie, erotica, or any sort of sex toy, Sh! is your best bet. And, the layout of the store means that even the most squeamish shoppers can feel comfortable browsing around. 


Coco de Mer –

Located in Covent Garden, Coco de Mer combines sex and fashion. They have a wide range of sexy lingerie and apparel, but they also have a wide range of sex toys and bondage gear, as well as sex essentials like condoms and lubricants. The atmosphere is very sensual, but its perfect for browsing for what you need.


Breathless –

Breathless is a shop dedicated to latex fetish high fashion. Located in Camden Market, this store has an incredibly wide range of Men and Women’s latex wear, as well as latex accessories. Whether you are looking for sexy latex lingerie, or something more extreme like a catsuit or a floor length latex gown, Breathless has it!


Freak Fetish –

Freak Fetish is a gay latex store, located in Vauxhall. They have a large range of adult sex toys, tailored for its gay clients as well as floggers and latex gear. Freak Fetish have built up a reputation for being honest, knowledgeable and trusted in the adult toy field. Its products certainly fall in the hard-core range, but if that’s the kind of thing you are looking for, look no further than Freak Fetish.


So if you are looking to add some extra pleasure to your life, check out these five shops