The King Gizzard Works More Lizardy Wizardry...On Tour!

Other | Wednesday 17th January 2018 | Ed

From late February through to late June, the quirky, psychedelia-infused rock band with a massive cult following, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard will be touring the world!

They begin in the UK on the 21st at the Brixton O2 Academy, before playing in Manchester, Dublin, Yorkshire and Glasgow. From the ground up this band is unique. In just seven years of existence, they have produced twelve albums (five of which came out in 2017), they have two 'duelling drummers' who face each other on-stage, and there are seven band members, making it a bit bigger than usual. But even with the huge amount of music they are making, King Gizzard still manage to keep hold of the engaging, reckless and always entertaining sound.

The double-drummer setup serves their style very well, adding a further dimension to the already mind-bending rhythms and time signatures. It also allows listeners to lose themselves in the powerful and captivating driving sound of their music. The band also use elements of progressive rock to create this non-stop rocking effect, but everything feels looser here. This is not to say that psychedelic head-banging is the only thing present here - there are also several moments of relative relaxation but the endearing energy of the music never leaves.

Tickets for the 21st February are available here and are £23.20. Doors open at 7 pm.

Watch King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard perform live on KEXP


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