Bitch Falcon are just the great sort of rock band you'd expect to come with a name like this.

Sunday 21st October 2018 | Grace

With a singing voice that can be easily likened to an early Shirly Manson, the grunge guitar of The Smashing Pumpkins and an underflowing sound reminiscent of The Smiths, Bitch Falcon are the pure n raw rock ‘n’ roll punch that the rock scene has been missing for a long time.

This band have the proper ‘turn the volume up to 11’ sort of sound made up of musicians who clearly have a real passion in what they produce. Which is not only reflected in their heavier and electronic vibe, but also makes their band name make so much more sense and seem all the cooler.

The band have also just had their first air play on BBC Radio one with their new single Prime Number, a song about which singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick says "It's basically an apology song, for people close to me for being too self-obsessed and narcissistic to the point of pushing them away. It’s a nod to myself trying too hard to be cool and I'm probably better off just being plain ole me."

Although originally from Dublin, Bitch Falcon are just about to embark on a 15 date UK tour (including London on 3rd November where you can buy tickets here) supporting the likes of DRONES, Intechnicolour and Haggard Cat - so you know each night is an assured good one, especially as reputation has it that Bitch Falcon are one of the best live acts around.

Check out Bitch Falcon's TwitterFacebook and Soundcloud to find out more about them.