New World Order: How Connected Are America’s Corporations?

Other | Tuesday 17th November 2015 | Tom

America’s all powerful corporations have taken over. The modern age has had little mercy on independent companies as giant conglomerates buy them out to both stifle the competition and boost their own revenues.

One area where this is happening with an alarming frequency is the media sector. 90% of mainstream media outlets are now controlled by just six corporations. These six media corporations now own movie studios, websites, newspapers, music labels and even video games.

The media corporations in question are: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Vlacom, News Corporation, CBS and Comcast.

Corporate dominance is obviously not limited to the media, everything you do or buy is linked to big business, 10 companies alone control all of the major U.S food brands, and although they are Swiss, Nestle has control of over 8,000 brands!


Not only do a few giant corporations remain in control over a number of smaller brands but these giant corporations are closely connected at the top as they actually share board members.

This has led to people speculating about the existence of a ‘New World Order’, the New World Order being those corporations in question working with major banking institutions of which there are only four, to retain complete control over the global industry.

Something that doesn’t sound too far fetched when you examine the evidence.

Of course corporations rarely pay their taxes either, employing teams of lawyers to exploit loopholes in the system. Americas largest company Wal-Mart have an estimated $76 Billion in overseas tax havens.

The consumer is given the illusion of choice, although it appears we have many brands to choose from, the money will always find its way into the pocket of the same corporations.

However, Tthere has also been a distinct and rapid rise in the growth of 'Unicorn Companies' - companies that are worth over $1 billion - with 141 now exisiting today. With over 60 of these companies emerging in 2015 the infogrpahic below highlights a rapid expansion of new companies set to challenge the exisiting giant corporations.