Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson Making a World War One Documentary

Other | Wednesday 24th January 2018 | David

He may be best known for his epic Lord of the Rings movies and his big-budget remake of King Kong, but Peter Jackson is now ditching fantasy for reality with his upcoming documentary about the First World War.

The film, which does not currently have a title, is being produced by Jackson's company Wingnut Films in collaboration with the WW1 commemorative organisation Films and 14-18 Now. The film will be screened at the BFI Festival later this year and will also air on BBC One.

Jackson is using World War One footage achieved by both the BBC and the Imperial War Museum for the documentary. Copies of the film will be sent to schools across the UK in order for it to serve as an educational resource to teach students about the terrible conflict which occurred at the start of the 20th century. From what we know so far, this sounds like it could be one of the best war documentaries of the year.