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Other | Tuesday 23rd January 2018 | Itziar

As spoken before, we made it to some of the gallery openings last Thursday and this is the result of our picturesque night.

Bridget Riley opening night at David Zwirner


✰✰✰✰ — Jules de Balincourt: They Cast Long Shadows - Victoria Miro Mayfair,  19th Jan - 24th March 2018.

Victoria Miro Mayfair was the gallery selected as our starter on the fine menu. Rolling our eyes through the busy atmosphere and in between stylised champagne glasses we could observe a vivid background of vibrant colours.

Here the canvases projected multiple bright colours with a certain acid mood that sparked and related well with each other. With a wide field to run through visually, the viewer was left alone to discover more about the psychological state of the painter.

The name of the exhibition, ‘They Cast Long Shadows’ is also quite appropriate for the show, as it depicts the painting Big Little Monsters,  the shadows in the painting can be glimpsed among other forms, becoming some sort of idols to be adored by little humans like us. If you don’t believe us then go to Victoria Miro Mayfair and have a look yourself.


Big Little Monsters, 2017

Oil on panel, 61 x 50.8 x 4.4 cm, 24 x 20 x 1 3/4 in

© the artist


✰✰✰ — Crossroads: Kauffman, Judd and Morris - Sprüth Magers, 19th Jan - 31st March 2018

Right after the Victoria Miro exhibition, we went straight to the Sprüth Magers Gallery, a bit boozed already, we headed inside at the entry hall where the masses were concentrated.

The exhibition held a curated dialogue for these groundbreaking artists for the first time in Europe. From the get-go, the show invites you to dive within the fertile mind of Kuffman’s ideas of dematerialisation and thus investigate the painting’s relationship to the wall.



Spruth Magers last Thursday 18th of January


At the same time the works from Donald Judd, the first artist to be exhibited in the gallery when it was first established in 2003 has made his appearance again, this time his art pieces are in conversation with the works of Kauffman and Morris. 


Minimalist theories and industrial materials and stories are just some of the few elements that may surprise you as you navigate the Spruth Magers Gallery. 


✰✰✰ — Bridget Riley: Recent Paintings 2014 - 2017, David Zwiner, January 19—March 10, 2018

To finally end the tour we decided to visit David Zwiner, just opposite Sprüth Magers Gallery. The Bridget Riley exhibition welcomed us with some wine and beers, almost fully booked, we enjoyed the wall paintings and works on canvas that looked back at her previous investigations of some motifs.



This was our third exhibition with abundant complimentary drinks which meant that the geometric forms that covered the walls didn’t help in keeping us focused. However, the differently selected artworks were adored and loved by the several people attending the show and it was easy to see why.


We look forward to visiting more galleries this week, so stay tuned for the upcoming post for Art & Booze!