TY the soulful rapper

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 9th January 2018 | Gassy

Nigerian born rapper Ty has a rapping and music style unique only to himself.

If you are looking for some chilled out, cool, fresh, soft rap, Ty is the artist you should follow this year. Listening to his music, we cannot help but think that afrobeats genius Fela Kuti, must have had an influence on his style. Old school Motown, and other soulful jazzy beats can be heard in his music, similar to Kanye West in the beginning of his rapping career but with a more mature perspective on life. Ty's lyrics are grounded and have a positive outlook on life, it will make you appreciate the little things in life.

Much like his musical sense, Ty's videos are simple and portray a love for people from all walks of life. His music reveals his heart and his thoughts on life, the depth of who he is.

The rapper's last release from his upcoming album A work of heart, ‘Brixton Baby’ is all about where he was raised, Brixton. It promotes this colourful city in a positive light, especially its people, its streets, its arts and its soul. Brixton has heart and this is what Ty tries to show in his new video.

We cannot wait to listen to his full album, which will be released on March the 2nd 2018!