Best Original Song Predictions – Who Do You Want To Win?

Other | Wednesday 20th December 2017 | Carrie

Predictions for which filmmakers, actors and musicians will be taking home little gold men for the 90th Academy Awards in early March 2018 have begun. The Academy has just announced a list of 70 songs, written for the most note-worthy feature-length films released in 2017, which are currently up for potential nomination for the ‘Best Original Song’ award.

Who do WE think is most likely to win?

TOP CONTENDER: ‘Mystery of Love’ from Call Me By Your Name – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is an American Indie singer-songwriter known for being able to play a million instruments and for bringing out a bunch of albums in varying styles. He’s made electronica, symphonic instrumentation, and folksy-sounding chilled infusion.

‘Mystery of Love’ is both instrumentally and lyrically stunning – and fits into Call Me By Your Name seamlessly. The LGBT-pro movie, which follows a summer romance between a 17-year old boy and an older man in 1980s Northern Italy, has been praised hugely by critics. The plot doesn’t attempt to promote itself in a “PC” way with intentions to appeal to a wider audience, but instead is genuinely intensely erotic and acknowledges the very private lives gay men were forced to lead mere decades ago.

The delicate and sensual plotline is reinforced by Steven’s gentle song which plays during the film’s tear-jerking conclusion, which is why we think it would make a brilliant contender for Best Original Song.

Take a listen and see what you think:


LEAST LIKELY CONTENDER (WE HOPE): ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ from Fifty Shades Darker - Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik.

First of all – let’s just take a moment to ponder why these tragic 50 Shades films are still being made. Done? Feel disgusted? Great, let’s continue.

Taytay and sidekick Zayn Malik slid their way to the top of the charts with this sultry song about nothing in particular. Yes, it’s character fits with the steamy narrative of the third (and final? Pretty please?) instalment of the Fifty Shades franchise. Some critics have even described Zayn’s falsetto voice quality as intensely seductive, although personally I wouldn’t choose to get off to the sound of the poor guy straining his voice like he’s in genuine pain.

One critic remarked how the song contains a slow finger snap so pleasingly sharp it sounds like the crack of a whip, which, considering this is for the soundtrack to a basic-bitch BDSM movie, is exceedingly relevant.

Despite this song’s (apparent) sexual appeal, these two artists have clearly been selected for economic reasons to attempt to distract viewers from the film’s abysmal reviews (it received a whopping 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

If the board of Oscar judges have any sense at all - something we’re all aware they’ve seriously lacked in the past – then artists like Sufjan Stevens have a chance of bagging themselves high odds of winning this prestigious award.